Our Love Is My Reality

They say you know you’re in love when you see that person in your future.
I say you’re in love when you look at your future and can’t see your life without that person…

I do not know if I love you,

For one thing love is not and never can be is doubt.
Do I doubt my feelings for you, or is it denial?
Are my feelings truly for you or is it betrayal?
I may not know if it’s love, but I know it is for you.

I know that you are the only man that can tickle my heart with the feather of your voice,
Or cause my high yellow cheeks to rise with the diction of your choice.

Your intellectual aptitude is so enticing that I must use the verbiage of the common man to not be in need of ice.

Yes, your high brown cheeks, and low black hair, your broad shoulders and long intimate stares.
Your deep voice, and soft touch,
Your silent thoughts, and future desires of much, all arouse my frontal lobe;
The place of decision and revisions.

This place, this large, stuffy, attic-like place filled with rules and regulations, legislation, and contemplation.

This room has been awakened and is leaning toward crisis.

Crisis because it contains the past. It knows the previous hurts and understands the distrust, and works alongside my heart to protect me from foolish mistrust.

Everything you do, we do, tells me to love you to give my all to you…but what is love?

Can it be temporary?
Can it be conditional?
Or even Satisfactory?
Is it possible for love to hurt?
Or is it only fictional?

The cloud you put me on softly flies above the atmosphere, and as I continue to grace myself with your presence I lose the previous sense of fear.

But is this cloud my dream and the fear my reality?

This cloud…..you….you and this cloud are everything I’ve every wanted, ever dreamed. Ever prayed and highly esteemed. I want it to be real.

Real in my life.

But they say, “It’s just too good to be true.”

I must fight.
Fight for my life.
Fight for my rights in my dreams of night.

If this is my dream than I must make it my reality.
If this is my dream than I must make it my reality.
If this is MY dream than I must make it my reality.

No longer can I live in fear of my past debtors.
No longer can I withhold my whole heart from you for fear of your sinful nature.
All were born, and shaped in iniquity and fall short of the glory of God. Therefore, I will trust in God that you will love me with His perfect love, and use His perfect love to forgive you when you fall.

No longer are you my dream
No longer are you a superficial complex, now you are my concrete index.
No longer am I in search for the meaning of love because you are the definition and I am the Great Webster.

I am reality, and you are the dream.

As the dream you are perfection and are therefore should be looking for perfection…
So why are you with me?
For a dream is perfection and reality is imperfection therefore we could never be…
Unless you took on imperfection to be my reality…………


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