What’s Wrong With My Hair???

Black hair…Black like the night is black, black like the depths of my Africa.

Black hair…
You kink and twist,
You’re straight and smooth,
You’re soft and coarse.
And when I try to style, you fight and resist with no remorse!

But this does not anger me.
See I love your kink.
Your kink gives me texture, hold, and volume.
While all these girls out here add this and that to give them bounce,
I wake up to hair that is beautifully full and vibrant in each and every ounce.

Some call it natural, some call it unkempt.
Some call it work, while others time well spent.
I say to you my hair is mine and mines alone,
Until you’re ready to do it, your opinion is all your own.

I love my hair.
Watch me whip it back and forth.
Whether I grew it, brew it, or stew it;
If I bought it, chop it, or lock it,
It is all mine to do.

Do not ask me if it’s mine.
If it’s on my head it’s mine.
Do not ask me even why?
I do not ask you why you color, straighten, or do your hair,
So why would you ask me about the way I wear my hair?

My hair is my accessory,
My hair is my pride.
My hair is my culture,
My hair is my life.

My hair is not my intelligence,
or Elegance,
It is not my Etiquette,
or Requirements.

It does not regulate what I can or cannot do,
And so as a black woman who dreams of entering the world of Academia,
I will wear my hair my way with pride and joy,
And I will take offense when beautiful, strong black girls like Gabby Douglas
are ridiculed for moving in the right direction.

This girl of beauty, strength, and valor.
This record breaking, history making, olympian.
What’s wrong with my hair?
Nothing Gabby!
What’s wrong with society?

Teachers, Preachers, Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers, Athlete’s and Olympic Gold Medalists
are only a FEW of the many accomplishments of the Black Woman. And she should be able to engage in every one without there being any kind of conversation about her hair.

Any time a girl must ask, “What’s wrong with my hair?” As if she has done something wrong, as if her hair has impaired her, as if her hair restrains her from reaching any of her goals there is a problem with the society that this questions comes out of.

I am NOT my hair.

“Everyone isn’t going to like my hair. That’s their problem NOT mine.”


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