withdrawalThey taught me to avoid you,

More like try to ignore you.

But in the haze of your diction I experienced a true conviction that,

The you I was to avoid was the you that I wanted to be my boo.

So I tried you…



Hypnotically falling for your kryptonic allure.

Each conversation was a high.

This high I surmise was the why of my cries.

For this high had me energized.

Your speech swept me off my feet,

Your swag had me bagged,

And I was as vulnerable as Adam & Eve in the Presence of God after their sinful collapse.

So I had to have more.

But the more I wanted the more distant you became.

Resistant to my plea in agony of your insufficient fulfillment

I settled for your face.

Without embrace

You allowed no time or space to create…

You’d think I was on crack the way I had your back.

Yearning for you every free moment like a crack addict.

Hanging on every dull word,

Batting broken wings like Dunbar’s caged bird.

I have a song.

You left with ease and while in search to appease your own broken needs

I found myself itching for your presence,

Every puff giving me the munchies for your touch,

But I know you’re no good.

You were never good.

You simply introduced me to something;

That man made temporary emotion of happiness that I, in my ignorance, equated with good.

But good doesn’t blacken my lungs with its presence,Withdrawal #2

Suffocating me with its smooth suave voice,

Destroying my mental capacity to differentiate between love, lust, and crust.

See you weren’t the pie,

You weren’t even the sweet filling on the inside.

You were the hard, blackened crust that everybody wants, but no one ever trusts.

I want to stop.

I need to stop.

But I can’t.

Everyday I shoot up a smile, one embrace, and one date to a place that takes me back to the good ole days.

Now you’re gone and no where to be found, so all I do is sulk around town

Looking for anything brown trying to fix my downcast mask and erase my frown.

I need to quit, but your fix is my lift

Please come back…

I know I’m an addict…

But I’ve decided I’d rather get short painful shots of you than deal with the long pains of


They taught me to avoid you,

But it was more like ignore you.

I know why the caged bird sings.


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