Strong Like

I cannot say Love,

For God is Love, and you are neither God nor demi-god.

Therefore you cannot be love personified.

But although you are not love personified,

Our interactions have me so amplified,

That I feel like I must keep our synergy classified.


The intensity of your voice,

And intentional diction creating the confusing loops of our conversation of choice,

Has stirred a fire within me that blazes continuously.

Your strong hold,

Yet gentle touch;

Your beautiful smile,

Yet mysterious wiles entice me to the point where





All the feminine manipulative games played during that silly little game called Love I have no power to enforce, no desire to implore, and no avenue to execute.

For in your presence I only stare into the abyss of joy and peace that you have locked me in, simply enjoying your very company.

No need for a diamond key to unlock my heart, for you had me at hello.

Many believe that Love is a sensation that generates when Mr. or Mrs. Right appears…

I don’t know if you’re Mr. Right,

But I can say that I’m in Strong Like.



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