What Would I Do Without You!

The Black People Need a Black Leader articleHave you ever thought about some of the many things that we use on a daily basis? Have you ever thought about what your life would be like if the people that invented them never existed? Imagine waking up with your unattractive bedtime hair only to realize that there was no Madam C.J. Walker to invent the hairbrush and comb. Imagine turning around to get a cold water bottle only to realize that you don’t have a refrigerator because there was no John Standard. Now you’re upset because not only could you not do your hair or even get a cold drink of water or juice before class, now you remember you couldn’t finish your homework last night because there was no carbon filament in the light bulb and your electric lamp disappeared because there was no Lewis Latimer or Joseph Nicholas. So naturally you turn to email your teacher of the unnecessary events transpiring in your life but your laptop, computer, and smart phone are all gone because IBM computer engineer Mark E. Dean never existed. Now you simply need some comfort food. Every thing will be all right if you can just reach up in your cabinet and make a gold ole PB&J. But you can’t because there was George Washington Carver either. You take a deep breath and say, “That’s fine. I’ll just go to McDonalds” only to end up in 5 car pile up because the two traffic lights in Berrien are gone because we have no Garrett Morgan! There are a host of things that we use and take for granted not even knowing that these things were brought to us by intelligent, innovative African Americans who in spite of the odds against them played a huge role in our lifestyle and daily routines. I wonder what else you would be without if we never had Asian Americans, or Hispanic Americans. Hmm. Something to think about.


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