They’re Playin’ Basketball

I see the floor in all its glory,

I am the author of my teams story.

I Bring it up and call the plays,

I’ll shake n bake em for days.

They asked, “How’d you get it done?”

I simply replied, “I’m the One”.



I fly on the wings of the court.

The plays the One has me purport.

Every play I rush to my spot,

I’m told I have an accurate shot.

They asked, “Why does the One always pass to you?”

I simply replied, “I’m the Two”.


Look up “Fusion” on Wikipedia and you’ll see my face.

When it comes to the game I bring the grace.

I might pass, drive, or shoot, I might combine all of these.

But it’s my moves that make the home bench hold out their keys.

They asked, “Does coach see you as the glue to be?”

I simply replied, “I’m the Three.”


In the post, the goal might be to set a pick,

but you betta get off, cuz me you can’t stick.

Though rough, I am not all brute. In fact I am a collector of fine jewels.

You might like diamonds and you might like rubies, but me, I prefer pearls.

They asked, “How do you consistently crash the board?”

I simply replied, “I’m the Four.”


With wisdom and strength, I am the  keeper of the gate.

Unfortunately, my shorter opponents often hate.

My long arms and long legs help me scale the line with ease,

After all, I have to block you, my coach I must please.

They asked, “Why is your wing-span so wide?”

I simply replied, “I’m the Five.”


Remember, though you are strong apart,

It is when you work together that you make art.

The game is never won when you work to have the brightest beam,

But rather when you all come together and work as a team.

Apart you’re just a bunch of numbers, but together bring them all,

And I can say, “They’re playin Basketball.”


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